now the word is out … TRUMP team contacts with Russia was about to ensure fair and democratic ELECTIONS 2016

CIA has a long tradition and culture of leaking, when the price is right.

TRUMP team got aware in August 2016 from CIA about the setting up of hacks by Russia in every ballot box, in every county … and the TRUMP team operated against these attempts by Russia, diplomatically forcing Russia into submission of the intrinsic democratic process the Presidential Elections always have been. Forced them to stop hacking!!! OK Obama should have done more, should have done all manual, paper based non digital non internet elections. The TRUMP team with all their body and soul wanted fair and democratic elections so much.

…and when it comes down to some good old fashion nuclear war mongering, CNN and The Washington Post GOT IT, THEY GOT IT!!!

If Obama knew months before, that the elections were going to be rigged, he would have taken measures, directly, would have organized elections all manual, nothing digital, nothing through the internet. So he would have organized only paper, only manual ballot boxes, only manual counting (ELECTIONS 2016).

Now the alleged Top Secret intelligence reports of nsa / cia of months before the elections, I personally believe that they are fake, are published by The Washington Post, was so called given months before the elections to Obama, that Russia (Putin) was going to rig the elections big time, in favor of TRUMP. Meaning hack the elections up to every digital ballot box.

If this is fake news, because to my knowledge, Obama did not take any measures, to secure ELECTIONS 2016, than its war mongering, dangerous nuclear war mongering!!!


A country can only fight another country if it has a stable homefront!!!

Take for instance the USA: If the butfuckers of CNN and the sewage rats of The Washington Post keep on with their opinion war against TRUMP, dividing the country, destabilizing the country, America cannot go to war with North-Korea effectively. When North-Korea does the high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) on South-Korea and Japan and TRUMP is castrated by these media, Russia is going to take over.

If European Union (EU) is destabilized by terrorism, people protesting and rioting in the streets. EU cannot defend it self effectively against an Islamic invasion in the soft underbelly of Europe over the Mediterranean Sea. The invasion is still unarmed called “refugees” but that can soon change. Either EU recrutes them for The EU Foreign Legion, so straight from the rubber boats into the barracks (6 weeks training) then straight to the front, fight Daesh in the Middle-East: Well paid, well trained, only the best are recruted, only the best come through the training, only the best will really fight. Or Daesh will recrute them and send them armed into the rubber boats.

TRUMP: Start a procedure for an UN Internal Affairs Tribunal in The Hague about the Kenyan mass sterilizations massacre ;-)

The tetanus vaccine program in Kenya was done by UNICEF and WHO, so UN related organizations. If indeed as the Kenyan Bishops and the Kenyan Doctors Association say that there was secretly sterilization hormone present in the vaccine vials, and they did not correctly inform the millions of injected women about that, than this is a crime against humanity. The people that masterminded and financed this should be held responsible.

Anyways could true, could not be true, where there is smoke, there is fire. An UN Internal Affairs Tribunal could find the truth.

I must stress here that the Bishops say the sterilization hormone was detected in the vaccine it self, so in the vaccine vials. Evil tongues keep spreading that they did it on blood samples of the injected women, only to put up a smoke screen.

Anyways ask the Bishops and the Doctors yourself!

OBAMA will become your friend and aid because he is half Kenyan!

Moreover than there have been about 600,000 Swahili women sterilized, Swahili Muslim women, and some of your Saudi friends are Muslims right?


Well yeah lets have someone of the Intelligence Community say wire tap or not :-(

Its like the butcher doing the quality control of its own meat.

This allegedly tapping and surveying of TRUMPs campaign team is supported by the many leaks to the ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN newspaper The Washington Post and other media.

Moreover all the connections of TRUMPs team with Russian ambassadors was political and diplomatic as to get the later TRUMP administration oiled and running. The Russians were eager because they betted that TRUMP would win. OK some made an honest buck of $ 30,000 or so for a lecture in Moscow, so what, we still live in a capitalistic society and system right?

Bottom line is that by leaking the Intelligence Community already confessed.